Your Fitness Story: The Next Chapter

Every decision we make and every habit we have will determine the next chapter of our lives.

And we are the writers of our own stories. How will your life end?

Psychologist Erik Erikson said our lives will end in integrity or despair. Have you ever seen a fit older person ever in despair? That would be “rare despair”, indeed. As a matter of fact, we actually write stories about people who are writing positive endings to their lives, especially the fit ones. On the other hand, we see too many stories about lives that are in despair and disrepair, mainly to the lack of a fit lifestyle. A lack of fitness is one of the major causes of preventable deaths in America. So, we can write a story of integrity for ourselves or put the pen down and face a final chapter of despair.

Hey!  Pick up your pen right now and jot down a few honest notes about your fitness, then start writing your story. Listen, our lives should be one of those huge novels that we cannot put down or that love story we don’t want to end. Or, it could be one of those cheap paperbacks where we allow our story to end tragically.

Come on! You have the pen, you have the paper, and you have the power, Shakespeare. Now write the story of your fitness life and make sure it leaves you smiling. Got it? Good.


Written by HLF Fitness Director George Mangum