Winning Fitness: I.W.I.N.

Winning Fitness: I.W.I.N.

“I’ve won, and I’ve lost, and I’ll take winning every time.”

This is something I tell every athlete I work with and I drill it into them at every chance. The same principle applies to fitness. When you are fit, you win. Let me give you this acronym that spells “I.W.I.N.”, as it will help you have a winning fitness lifestyle.

I: Invest in yourself

Nobody else can do this for you. Your body will give up and give out sooner than you think, so make the investment to win your life by living longer and stronger. You deserve this. The more you invest in fitness, the better returns you are sure to get.

W: Weight training

All the research says you can do “cardio” until you drop, but it will benefit you less than weight training, which takes far less time, too. An aggressive 30-minute weight training session will have a winning metabolic impact on your body, which it craves. We were meant for short, anaerobic performance, not the long, drawn out lie we have been told. Short and sweet is hard to beat.

I: Instruction

One of Carol Ryff’s 6 Elements of a Winning Life is to be a lifelong learner, and the same applies to fitness. Get proper instruction as to how to be more effective with your fitness life. Effective is winning, ineffective is not. Find an instructor who knows winning fitness, and learn, learn, learn. All winning athletes are coachable, meaning they are open to instruction. Are you learning yet?

N: Nutrition

Make nutrition a priority or much of your work will not get the winning results you were hoping for. Just as a car runs better on good fuel, you need good fuel for winning fitness. Remember this saying, which has been around forever, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”


As a closing note, I have never had an athlete regret winning or a fitness client regret being in winning shape, yet have heard, too many times to count, regrets about not winning when the chance presented itself. Don’t miss this winning opportunity. Got it? Good.


George Mangum is the Fitness Director at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and spends his time helping teens, educators and seniors make fitness a lifestyle. He believes that fitness is the answer, and doesn’t care what the question is.