Winning Fitness- Saving Your Own Life

Winning Fitness-Saving Your Own Life: Guy Diving in Swimming Pool

Author and poet Charles Bukowski said, “You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time.”  We are here to learn about Winning Fitness- Saving Your Own Life

Fitness Director and WIN Coach George Mangum says, “You cannot save the freaking world by not saving yourself first.”

When you walk through those fitness doors, you’ve believed the lie that you are there to train, to workout, or to get big, bad, buff, and hairy. Phooey! You’re there to save your own life, and nobody else and nothing else that can do it as well as you. It’s no different than learning how to swim, avoid poisons or drive safely. They’re all designed to teach us how to save our lives. And, get over the self-serving notion of sacrificing your life for others. Those statements are old and weak. You might end up that way if you don’t start saving your life now.

The next time you want to use an excuse about getting to the gym, stop saying, “I gotta work out.”

Instead, your self-talk should be, “It’s time to get to the gym to save my life.” Got it? Good!

Make time to work out and keep yourself healthy. Divide up your to-do list to include the gym. Try to think positive and stay motivated to save your own life.

Fitness Director George Mangum