Winning Fitness- Free Life Insurance

Woman Making Heart Shape with Hands - Free Life Insurance - Heart-Healthy

So, we have this radio commercial playing in our local area from a life insurance provider. The message pretty much says, Hey, you have diabetes, heart issues, and maybe even cancer, so you’d better get some life insurance. This is a message that resonates with most of us at some point in our lives.

There was no message of hope or even an alternative. Only just a “final destination.”  The information is understandable, but the message is morbid. It seems to be saying that all hope is lost, but for a price, you can go ahead and die. They do want you to leave some money behind though. Insurance companies’ solution to these conditions is to buy life insurance and “give in” rather than buy time and “get going”.

Insurance Policy: Fitness

I’m not talking about fighting these issues with meds and chemicals, but with a real life insurance policy: fitness. Fitness will not help anyone live forever, but it will help anyone live the rest of their years at the highest possible level. I know that getting to the gym, the hiking trail, or the basketball court is difficult at times, but it sure has to be better than accepting a sub-standard, disease-ridden life, hopelessness, or a sooner-than-later death.

Visit Heritage Medical Group

If you’re reading this and live in close proximity to Heritage Medical Group, we’ll give you a free life insurance policy of fitness, which ensures your last days, through our free fitness programs, will be lived to the fullest.

Instead of giving in weakly, you’ll go on fighting with a healthy lifestyle of Fitness, Nutrition, and a better standard of life. Got it? Good.

George Mangum is the Fitness Director at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and spends his time helping teens, educators and seniors make fitness a lifestyle. He believes that fitness is the answer, and doesn’t care what the question is.