Urgent Care

Urgent Care - Like the Emergency Room

The next time you’re thinking about a trip to the ER – consider Heritage Urgent Care Plus instead. We treat serious illnesses and complex medical problems with services, technology, and expertise very similar to the Emergency Room. It’s known as “High Acuity” care,  and you won’t find it anywhere else in the High Desert.

+ Care You Can Only Get Here

We are one of only a small number of High Acuity Urgent Care Facilities in California. High Acuity means we care for and treat patients with complex medical problems.

+ Highly Trained Professionals

Our Urgent Care is staffed with Doctors, Registered Nurses (RN’s) LVN/s, and medical assistants. You are in good hands.

Top Facilities – Top Technology

Our facility sparkles with a spotless clinical setting and the latest technology.

+ Radiology Right Away

Our radiology capabilities are extensive. Ultrasound, CT Scan, and X ray are all available.

+ Much More…

  • Heritage Urgent Care Plus offers in-house ultrasound, laboratory studies and diagnostics, EKGs, pulmonary function test, and cardiac monitor just to name a few.
  • Heritage Urgent Care Plus is one of only a small number of high acuity urgent care facilities in the nation. High acuity urgent care is similar to a level services offered in the hospital emergency room that treats patients with complex medical problems but with much shorter wait times.

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