This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Exercise (infographic)


Exercise is useful only for keeping your heart healthy and your figure neat and trim, right? Think again… literally, as the impact of exercise isn’t only skin deep. It is the best activity you can do to boost your brainpower, keep yourself happy and push your motivation levels sky-high, as this informative and evidence-packed infographic from reveals.

Exercise is what experts would call a superfood if you could eat it.

  1. Your Brain When You Exercise prevents some of the major cognitive disorders developing. According to research cited in the infographic, it can help prevent and treat dementia, Alzheimer’s and brain aging. It can also lower stress and help you deal better with anxiety and depression. The science bit: exercise boosts levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDHF) which maintains and regenerates adult nerve cells.
  2. 30 minutes of running gave them faster reaction times.
  3. Worried that getting older means you’ll forget who you are? Aerobic training increases connectivity in the temporal lobe. Take a walk, yes that’s walking, not run, around the block as a one-year study showed walkers improved their brain connectivity up to the level of college-age adults.
  4. If you think a one-year study isn’t rigorous enough then consider the findings of the 25-year worth of research on Your Brain When You Exercise that found higher cardiovascular fitness was linked with better verbal memory and reaction time.
  5. And don’t forget the kids. Your Brain When You Exercise, you might think that children are naturally brainy as their grey cells haven’t been deteriorated by the ravaging of time. Well, just 10 minutes of activity increased by 13 – 16 years old’s concentration and attention.

Exercise will keep your brain young and active so that when you are old and grey you’ll remember that what kept you active is what kept you compos mentis.

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