The Other 8 Hours

Robert Pagliarini wrote a groundbreaking book entitled The Other 8 Hours. The concept is this: You sleep (hopefully) for 8 hours.  You work (at least) 8 hours. What are you doing in those remaining 8 hours of your day? More importantly, what are the other 8 hours doing for you?

To the bleary-eyed worker who doesn’t have time to stop and catch his breath, the idea of having 8 hours may sound absurd. But, whether it’s 8 hours or not is not really the point. The point is that there is time separate from work and sleep (hopefully 8), and what we do with those 8 hours will have an incredible impact on the other 16.  So, let’s take Pagliarini’s idea and discover how it applies to our fitness lifestyles and the results it can produce.

If we are going to operate at our fullest potential at work and personally, we will only do so if we have a regular fitness lifestyle.  Notice I didn’t say exercise or workouts.  Fitness is what gives us that chance to be who we are designed to be.  Did you get that?  We are designed to be fit, and all we have to do is make it a priority.

We are designed to be fit!

Oh, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it sure is worth it.  I never had anybody come to me complaining that they were too fit, but, on the other hand, I counsel many who tearfully approach me about how to get themselves to where they want to be, so they’ll look, feel, and be better.

Unfortunately, too many of us don’t make fitness a priority.  We tend to think of it as a sacrifice.  Until we lose that ‘stink in thinkin’, we’re going to miss out on too many great things waiting for us.  You know, like great sleep, better work production, and freedom from bad health.  The bottom line is this: We will do those things that are priorities and skip those things we have to “sacrifice” for. Make fitness a priority, because the things you will have to ‘give up’ are far less important and probably more destructive.  Make your other 8 hours the best of the day, with fitness as the foundation. BAM!

-George Mangum M.A. Heritage LifeFit Fitness Director

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