The Hinge

The Hinge - Mental toughness : Open Door into empty room

In his book, The Hinge, mental toughness coach, Rob Bell, M.D., says that, “Every door has the hinge. If it doesn’t, it’s a wall.” Now, I’m not as big on mental toughness as I am on the heart’s condition, but he has a point, especially as it comes to you and fitness.  I want you to stop, right now, and ask yourself, “Is my fitness lifestyle opening doors for a better life or is it a wall which is too big to scale, and keeping me from who I deserve to be?”  Have you answer honestly?  Do you feel good about your answer? Did you call me a name or make an excuse? Your response reveals if you’re entering new opportunities or limiting your opportunities.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather walk through an open door instead of climbing a steep wall any day.


Fitness is a hinge

This will open doors to far more opportunities than you can ever imagine. Keep reading to see what I mean as I give you some real facts about fitness.  It seems pretty open and shut to me.


The Hinge - Mental toughness - Prescription Cost

Fact 1: Fitness can, literally, keep you from future bankruptcy

At Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, I lectured on this as part of our LifeFit U series.  Research shows us that the number one cause of bankruptcy in America is due to medical bills.  Not poor investments or maxed-out credit cards, but medical charges which go above and beyond the insurance most people have.  And, do you want to know the number one reason for people being in these health predicaments?  Yep, you got it, it’s a lack of fitness.  Most of those treatments could have been prevented simply by maintaining a vigorous fitness lifestyle.  So, open your door to fitness and not the door to the emergency room.


The Hinge - Mental toughness - Its worth the cost

Fact 2: Fitness means higher pay

Again, research shows that those who are fit are higher educated and higher earners than those who are not.  You should know this.  Our bodies are chemically driven, to our beneFIT or to our demise. When we practice fitness, those crazy-good chemicals in our bodies, endorphins, serotonin, etc., are released to do super positive things in our lives, such as possessing higher energy, more stamina, better decision-making, and better relationship building.  It’s no wonder over 70% of Fortune 500 CEO’s point to their fitness lifestyles as a reason for their winning success in life.  So, it seems that, once you’re fit, you now engage the hinges to bank vault doors, where all the moola is. Or, you can settle for less and complain about how big the wall is.


The Hinge - Mental toughness : opportunity-magnet

Fact 3: Fitness gains you favor

Lastly, hate to say it (no, I don’t), but, fit people are more likely to gain access to job raises, employment, and favor from the public. Heck, most people see someone who’s fit and automatically think they’re more intelligent. Nice! It’s some kind of weird Law of Attraction, but, and I’m talking about a “nice but” here, it works. Quite simply, door hinges are there to get you from one place to another; to connect two separate things together. Through that door, or over that tall wall, are the same beneFITs. Do things the easy way. Get fit, become attractive to others, and gain favor from them. If you’re behind the wall of non-fitness, they’ll never see you.


The Hinge - Mental toughness : Time for Action

Your life hinges on your decision today

Walk through an open door, or be discouraged by a huge wall. Listen, I ain’t giving you a choice.  MAKE THIS HAPPEN. NOW! TODAY! BAM!

-George Mangum M.A., Heritage LifeFit Fitness Director