The $150 Question

The $150 Question - Drugs people depend on are becoming less affordable

Recently, several drug firms have come under scrutiny and indictments for “jacking up” prices for meds, many of which could be avoided, quite simply, by being fit. The $150 Question….

Did you catch that? People are spending too much money on medication. This can be avoided by getting up, getting out, and getting fit. BAM!

Unfortunately, Americans are depending on medication instead of getting in 150 minutes of vigorous exercise each week, which is a proven standard for healthy living. So, let me ask you. Does it make more sense to do 150 minutes of vigorous activity each week or pay $150 per pill, $150 per doctor visit, or $150K for a needless, non-fitness induced condition? Uh, really? You have to consider that?

Americans’ lack of fitness makes them prime targets for unscrupulous med monsters, who really can’t be blamed. The $150 Question. Did you get that again? Listen, if Americans would get and stay fit, drug companies would have little to no business. But, due to poor fitness lifestyles, they remain in business and charge outrageous prices which, if you’re sick, you gotta pay. Remember, my acronym F.I.T. means Fitness before Intervention or Treatment. It’s a lot cheaper and yields a higher rate of investment. Got it? Good.


Written by HLF Fitness Director George Mangum