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Yoga is Good for Mind, Body, and Soul

Yoga - Class of people doing yoga

Downward-Facing Dog. Happy Baby. Half Lord of the Fishes. Bound Lotus. The list of interesting names for yoga poses is seemingly endless – and so are the benefits! Whether you are a novice learning the Child’s Pose to help with flexibility. Or a seasoned veteran who can bust out a Firefly Pose on command. Yoga […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Did you already give up on it?

New Years Resolutions: Did you already give up on it?

It’s not too late to reignite your New Years Resolution to focus on fitness! Getting into shape is a key New Years Resolution for countless people. For some, that means cutting down on fatty foods and carb-filled calories; for others, it’s getting in the gym to burn off the previous year’s over-indulgences. Now, with Jan. […]

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