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Exercise Could Be a Legitimate Form of Therapy, New Study Shows

Exercise Therapy

We all know people who use exercise to clear their minds and, in some cases, to maintain their sanity. And new research shows that doing so could do the brain even more good than you might expect:

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What’s More Important: Exercise Or Sleep?

Fitness Classes

Mind Body Green– You know that getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise are both essential for good health. But when you’re short on time or are feeling tired, is it still worth waking up extra early so you can squeeze in a workout?

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Even in Later Life, Exercise Seems to Pay Dividends

Health Day– Exercise late in life may help men live longer, new research from Norway suggests. “Even in the elderly, there is a lot to gain by being moderately active as compared to being sedentary,” said study lead author Ingar Holme, professor emeritus at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo.

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