They’re coming: Are you ready for spring allergies?

The season for spring allergies is upon us. Created by Evening_tao -

Experts predict worst season for spring allergies in years

Southern California has finally gotten some much needed rain in the last few weeks, but that also marks the start of spring allergies.

Prepare your home and arm yourself with these useful tips as the spring sneezes the allergies upon us.

Clean — and clean again

The most important first step in spring allergy defense is ridding your living and work space of pollen. It’s ideal to wash bedding every week in hot water, and wash your hair and shower before going to bed, since pollen can build up in your hair and on your body throughout the day. Use a damp cloth to clean hard surfaces, and vacuum carpeted surfaces and upholstery at least twice a week.

Defend yourself while cleaning

Be sure to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning, vacuuming or painting. These tools will help limit your exposure to dust mites and cleaning chemicals.

Don’t forget the rugs

Just like immobile carpeting, throw rugs accumulate dust and mold easily. It’s best to limit throw rugs to a minimum, but make sure to use washable rugs when and where you need them. Throw them in the washer each time you vacuum.

The air needs to be clean, too

Keeping windows and doors (even those with a screen or security door) closed will help reduce pollen getting in your home. If you use air conditioning, make sure to change filters in the units and vents frequently throughout the season.

Talk to your doctor about allergy medication

Seasonal allergy medicine is a key component for many who suffer from seasonal and year-round allergies. Your doctor is your best source for learning what’s best for your symptoms.

Dr. Mohinder Ahluwalia, a Heritage physician who specializes in internal medicine and pulmonary disease, says getting a handle on allergies early in the season is critical.

Dr. Mohinder Ahluwalia
Dr. Mohinder Ahluwalia

“Spring allergies are also associated with asthma” which can create a far more serious situation for sufferers, Dr. Ahluwalia says. “Allergies and asthma both have symptoms of wheezing, shortness of breath and cough. It is very important to treat allergies and be cautious to treat asthma as well.”

Make an appointment with your Heritage physician today and ask about allergy symptoms and treatments.

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  Learn More: Center for Disease Control  information on allergy prevention.

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