Pharmacist Services

Clinical Pharmacist Consultant Services:

Anticoagulation Clinic: Manage patients on Coumadin (Warfarin) by reviewing all incoming INR results and determining the necessary dose adjustments and scheduling for laboratory follow-up testing.         

Diabetes Medication Management Program: Review and provides educational information regarding diabetes medicines and self-management. Determines the best medication therapy for individual patients when referred for management by PCP.

Want safe evaluations and cost-effective management of your medications?

One of the several benefits Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group has to offer is our clinical pharmacist. She who will help you understand your medications and options to get the most out of your medication therapy.


Angela Flores, PharmD

Pharmacy has been my lifelong passion since I was sixteen years old. What is intriguing about pharmacy is the concept of combining medications, herbs and supplements, diet, and lifestyle choices to make up the overall health of an individual. I have a belief that every human body is a machine and if managed properly, it will thrive with few problems.

Ambulatory care pharmacy is exciting because, in this setting, I work with patients in optimizing their medication therapies to ensure that their health is managed carefully and that all components of the individual: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects are addressed to make the person whole. I strive to ensure that my patients have their best interests at heart to live their lives with an abundance of health.

Currently, there are two clinics I manage: Diabetes and Coumadin Clinic. If you need additional help in helping your Diabetes get back on track or are on Coumadin that needs careful monitoring, I am more than happy to assist you.

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