Pharmacist Services

Clinical Pharmacist Consultant Services:

Anticoagulation Clinic: Manage patients on Coumadin (Warfarin) by reviewing all incoming INR results and determining the necessary dose adjustments and scheduling for laboratory follow-up testing.         

Diabetes Medication Management Program: Review and provides educational information regarding diabetes medicines and self-management. Determines the best medication therapy for individual patients when referred for management by PCP.

Want safe evaluations and cost–effective management of your medications?

One of the several benefits Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group has to offer is our clinical pharmacist. She who will help you understand your medications and options to get the most out of your medication therapy.

irene hanna hvvmg pharmacist

Irene Hanna, PharmD

 My life’s passion has been dedicated to the field of pharmacy. I would like people to know I value making relationships. I strive to go above and beyond for those who are in need. In my work, I believe patients know what does and does not work for them.

I first became interested in my field at the age of sixteen. I began to focus on the work and the life of a professional pharmacist. My patients can look forward to developing a strong clinical relationship with a health care professional. I values their needs and have since been seeing an improvement in their chronic disease states.

My past experiences have demonstrated that patients will trust me more if I am willing to take what they have to say into consideration. Having a meaningful interaction with a patient is something I find great satisfaction in. For me being a pharmacist is both avocation and occupation – above all, a way to serve patients who are in need.

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