The Heritage Health and Wellness model is built on the recognition of socialization, fitness, and nutrition as important adjudicative therapies to sustainable patient health. Our nutrition is built on the idea that people who live a healthy lifestyle can help prevent major health risks. Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to staying healthy in our world today. Something to consider is eating foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals to balance the nutrition in your body. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and a source of protein in your daily diet. Here at Heritage, we have a specialist who can help you get on track to living the life you should be living.

“I fell in love with nutrition when I took my first class, ‘Nutrition for Culinary Chefs,’ in college,” Naoko explains.

Naoko Nagaya, RD, browses produce at the High Desert Farmers Market in Victorville.Naoko Nagaya, RD, browses produce at the High Desert Farmers Market in Victorville.

Nutritional services we offer to members include:

– One-on-one consultations with Naoko Nagaya — certified, registered dietitian (available for HMO members only)
– Medical nutrition therapy for disease management (diabetes, renal disease, malnutrition, weight management)
– Certified nutrition support (including tube-feeding support when oral suspension is unavailable)

Naoko Nagaya, RD

“Learn more about Naoko Nagaya”

 Nutritionist – Laura Conley

Laura Conley, HLF Fitness Nutritionist

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