6 Tiny Things To Help You Restart Your Fitness (And Stick With It)


A lifestyle change is all about good habits. Make these small routine changes to launch the best restart to your fitness life.

Make an ‘I Will Do’ List

List those things that got in the way of you working out and analyze them. Then, write down what you need to do to avoid them for the future. Psychology tells us that those who make “to-do” lists vs. “wish lists” helps to select and prioritize the important things. Make your list an “I will do list.” It will eliminate less important things and get you back to your fitness life.

20-20 Vision

Place your fitness equipment, clothes, shoes, etc. in a place where you will see them, and don’t hide them. They will remind you that fitness is a priority again, and it needs to get done. Research shows that fit people literally see fitness events and fitness equipment differently than non-fit people. See fit and you’ll be fit.

Shifting Gears

In order to get into the highest gear in a vehicle, there is some shifting going on. So, to get your Ferrari-fit body back, you’ll need to restart slower and shift to higher gears ASAP. It’s the 8-week gear shift plan. Research tells us that the first 6 weeks determine our eventual habits, which is revealed in weeks 7 and 8. Those who restart slower, then rev it up by week 5 and 6, will start a renewed fitness lifestyle to get back in the race. So, go from fair to fast to furious and watch your life win the fitness race.

Get Testy

Test yourself, like doing a 5K, a mud run, or some other endurance-related event, within reason. Go with some friends and just complete the event and not worry about place or time. The sense of accomplishment will launch you into that return-to-fitness mode you once possessed. These are “small wins” that produce incredible results. According to science, your accomplishment will indicate progress, and days of progress and accomplishment are some of the most fulfilling days humans have. Tests, though frowned upon by many, reveal who you are, what you know, and get easier the more we take them. Take the test and discover your best.

Talk To Yourself

Studies clearly show that self-talk is one of the most powerful tools we possess in any area of our lives. We respond to our own voices more than any others, positively and negatively. Tell yourself things, like, “I am going to the gym today,” or, “Just take the first step and I’ll get the run done.” You are your most powerful coach, and you have the answers, so tell yourself these things. And, if someone catches you talking to yourself, just smile and get to your next workout, then tell them how great it was.

Be a Body Buddy

Humans are social and relationships are, in some studies, the most important aspect of the human experience. Too many times, we restart our fitness lives without the direct and regular support of others, and the continued cycle of fitness failure occurs. One prominent fitness study showed that the fitness habits of fit friends have a very positive impact on others’ fitness. This could be a weight-lifting partner, a kayaking club, or a competitive endurance team. Fitness buddies are better buddies. Thus, it helps to find a group that we FIT into, and, then, the restarting process becomes a renewed lifestyle.


George Mangum is the Fitness Director at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and spends his time helping teens, educators and seniors make fitness a lifestyle. He believes that fitness is the answer, and doesn’t care what the question is.