Rebekah Curtis- Health Ed. Nurse

Rebekah Curtis RN Health Education Nurse - Diabetes Prevention

Most noteworthy, Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group is happy to introduce you to our new Health Education Nurse, Rebekah Curtis. Because Rebekah brings 23 years of nursing experience and a passion to provide Heritage members with an understanding of their healthcare. While, not only creating healthier members, but to create a domino effect touching all family members.  Rebekah will be enhancing current wellness programs including diabetes management, weight management, smoking cessation and cholesterol lowering. She is pioneering additional wellness programs that are customized to our area members. 

Furthermore, her passion lies with educating the seniors in our community. She would like to provide them with health education to pass on to future generations.  Since, Rebekah is a mother of three including two high school students and one college graduate. Mostly, she enjoys spending her free time gardening and perusing local antique shops in search of unique finds.  

Without further ado, please join us in welcoming Rebekah Curtis to the Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group. She is part of the team serving the High Desert Community. Above all, she faces the new challenges and ever-changing health care needs of the Victor Valley region.

Rebekah Curtis will be working under Susannah Meehan, Director of Clinical Services.