Prepare to Win: Winning Fitness, Part 2


Prepare to Win: Winning Fitness: Check it out Skippy, and I’m not talkin’ peanut butter. When you’re not fit, you’re accepting defeat in your life.  You can never reach your winning potential without fitness.  All the research and testimonies of transformation tell us this is true and cannot be argued.  We have got to start choosing tabatas over ciabattas, dig?  We need to master burpees and avoid Slurpees.  Training with weights is far better than waiting for buffets.

You Are So Worth It Quote

OK, OK, that’s a crazy way to start an article, but it’s true.  2015 is your time, and you need to make it happen.  You deserve it, and I’m here to help.  But you need to remember this.  You cannot become who you deserve to become by remaining who you are!  Can I get a donut, er, BAM?


So what if I’m fired up.  Listen, we’re beginning the 4 Month Frenzy here at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, where, literally, a hundred people will change their lives in a radical way, all through our free, yes, free fitness programs.  And I would not be who I am if I didn’t do whatever I had to do to get you where you deserve to be.  So read on and find out the truth about you and your fitness life.

Vintage Balance Scale

Fitness Truth 1: Prevention

There are four major preventable causes of death in the U.S.  They are alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, poor nutrition and a lack of exercise and fitness.  Most medical conditions, from Type 2 diabetes to hypertension, can be resolved or regulated by a fitness lifestyle.  We routinely hear from our fitness members how they are no longer dependent on meds or treatments.  I have developed an acronym for the word F.I.T. for all to remember.  It stands for Fitness before Intervention or Treatment.  Americans spend too much money on meds, miss too much time from work and sacrifice too much quality family time due to a lack of fitness.  And how many do we know who could have and should have lived longer just by practicing fitness?  Well, too many.


Fitness Truth 2: Priorities

Listen, if fitness is not a priority in your life, what are you saying about yourself and those around you who love you?  We’re saying, intentionally or not, that it’s not as important as other things.  Big sigh.   I mean, what is it you do that is more important than taking care of yourself?  If you’re not taking care of yourself, how effectively can we take care of our loved ones, our careers and our happiness?  You know the answer.  We can’t.  Here’s the mistake we make.  We use the word sacrifice, as it sounds noble and heroic, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.  If we have to sacrifice something, it means it’s something we don’t want to give up.  Shouldn’t we give up anything that could harm our lives, like couch-sitting, bundt cake-eating, or excuse-making behaviors?  So if you plan on winning your life back, sacrifice that nonsense and prioritize fitness.


Fitness Truth 3: Procrastination

Today is the day.  No more excuses or misguided priorities.  There is no more, “I don’t have time.”  Of course you do. You just have to know where to look.  There are no more New Year’s resolutions, which just become the same old retributions.  You have the time available, so get after it.  There’s the concept of the Other 8 Hours, where all of us, after working and sleeping 8 hours each day, have 8 hours to do something spectacular, like fitness.  And, as you already know, making fitness a part of the other 8 hours dramatically improves our 16 hours of working and sleeping.  Crikey!


Fitness Truth 4: Preparation

So what’s on your Christmas list?  Things that cause more of a sedentary life than you already have?  Sugary items that impact the brain as negatively as cocaine?  Get that list, cross out all of the non-fitness things and rewrite it, listing running shoes and weight lifting gloves.  How about a workout towel to wipe off the sweat and tears you will have when your fitness transformation begins.  BAAAMMM!  Start getting prepared for wherever you’re going to go or whatever you’re going to do, then get it done.  Make the mirror your friend, never go slow when working out, and become who you deserve to become.  Let me know what you need, and we’ll help you make it happen.  We may not be the Helpful Honda guys, but we are the Friendly Fitness Group.  Hey, you’re going to be a year older anyway.  You may as well be a year fitter.  Got it?  Good.


-George Mangum M.A., Heritage LifeFit Fitness Director