Prepare to Win: Mad Bum, K-Bam and Bringing Sexy Back

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Mad Bum? Who or what is that? Well, for the unwinucated, that’s the nickname for Madison Bumgarner, whose now legendary pitching efforts in the 2014 World Series led the San Francisco Giants to their third World Series title in five years, a mini-dynasty for sure (according to Mangum’s Hierarchy of Winning).So, what does that have to do with fitness? Take a deep breath, read intently and it shall reveal itself my young Winwalkers.

Before the Golden Gaters won their title over the Kansas City Second Placers, the Giants found themselves in a huge slump. While his teammates were freaking out, Mad Bum calmly told his them to chillax, that the Giants were still going to win a championship, which they did. Let’s fast forward to here and now. The same may have just happened here at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, but it’s not baseball we’re talking here, it’s fitness. From the months of January through April, each fitness session at HVVMG formed a fitness tribe and came up with tribal names such as the BAM Addicts, the Swag Hill Gang and the High Rollin Lab Rats. Instead of simply working out in our free fitness programs, they competed for the coveted Golden Dumbbell, which ain’t the Stanley Cup, but it’s cool to us. And that’s where we encounter the now famous K-Bam.

K-Bam is Kristina Madrigal, a counselor at Hook Jr. High, who has transformed her life at HVVMG, and who was the tribal chieftain for her group, the BAM Squaws, a wild bunch of big, bad, buff women. In the first three months of competition, the BAM Squaws resembled the pitiful June Giants of 2014, last place and lost hope. Then out of nowhere comes K-Bam’s Mad Bum moment. Upon entering this last month of competition, with one more Dumbbell on the line, K-Bam addressed her tribe and told them to chillax, and she declared a victory for the BAM Squaws as the competition wound down in May. Instantly, hordes of Squaws and their men, the SaSQUAWtches, began an epic victory dance, while the other tribes snickered and said, “Those Squaws aren’t so tough.” Little did they realize the efforts these gutty little Squaws would give as they swept events at World Gym and dominated the BAM Olympics. As the dust settled this past weekend, the Squaws held a five-point lead as the final points were being tallied. Along with fitness competitions, this included things like the HIT Fit Haka video and the HeadBAM picture contest.

Now, to the idea of Bringing Sexy Back. That is the theme of our 40 Session Summer Fitness Challenge at HVVMG. Should you decide to attend 40 sessions with us, which began this past week, you will be placed in a drawing for gift card prizes at the end of August. I just heard a thousand voices saying, “What? Get sexy and prizes too?” Bam baby! K-Bam, the Karlanimal, Little Kimmie Pig Tails, Captain D and Ruben the Red Nose Lab Rat are just five of those who are experiencing a life-long transformation through these fun and creative fitness programs.

Oh, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it sure beats the heck out of diabetes, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, low self-images, not being able to play with your kids and tons of missed work days due to poor health. All the data says that vigorous fitness, especially the weight training kind, slows down the aging and sickness process and allows us to live better, longer and stronger. Hey, you’d rather wear out than rust out, wouldn’t you? We’re going to break down anyway at some point. We may as well look sexy doing it. BAM! It’s the magic of the Other 8 Hours. We have 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and what we do in the other 8 hours will go a long way in making these 16 hours a heck of a lot better. So get here, get going and get your sexy back. Got it? Good. Can I get a BAM? You can get more info at

George Mangum, M.A., is a WIN psychologist and the founder of Bigger Faster Stronger-High Desert, where athletes at all levels are prepared to win physically, emotionally and mentally. George can be contacted at 760-403-3449 or on Facebook at Bigger Faster Stronger-High Desert. You can also follow him at


By George Mangum
For the Daily Press