Post Workout Recovery Tips & Tricks

Post Workout Recovery - Athletic fitness man with neck and back pain. Sports exercising injury.

What is the best way to speed up the recovery of sore muscles? There is no exact solution, but thankfully, there are plenty of simple, inexpensive solutions. These will help to both manage and speed up the recovery process.

Here are just a handful of tips and tricks to help you on your road to recovery.


can relieve muscle tension and boost blood flow, and an anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen helps reduce swelling.

The Stretching

before and after a workout can help prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness. Making the muscles more pliable and getting them back to their original length.


While taking a break between workouts is important that you still move around. Movement is essential to the quick recovery process.

The newer way individuals are recovering is through Active Recovery.

This method prioritizes keeping the same muscle group or body active in the days following a workout, but at a much-reduced rate or level, this should help decrease soreness and stiffness, while also improving healthy soft tissue.

Post-workout-recovery drinks.

While they all claim to help, adding some all-natural cherry juice to whatever your drink of choice is, has been shown to ease muscle soreness thanks to the natural antioxidants cherries contains.

Which is better ice or heat?

While both can provide temporary relief, allowing the body to go through its natural inflammatory process has been proven to be better regarding maintaining and developing healthier soft tissue and connective tissue architecture.

Dr. Jay Rook, DO - Post Workout Recovery“Sore muscles are your body’s way of telling you that it’s recovering from the regimen you just put it through, but it’s always good to help the healing process along any way you can. The best part is, as your body gets accustomed to the new exercise routine your muscles will get stronger, and the soreness will gradually recede.”

– Dr. Jay Rook, DO

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