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Heritage People – Jennifer Oliver

Heritage People Jennifer Oliver

Jennifer Oliver is a mom of four and has to overcome many obstacles from smoking, personal, marital and health problems. Jennifer was able to motivate herself while some people in Oliver’s situation may have sought out counseling or psychiatric help. Yet in assessing her issues, Oliver saw that fitness training could not only help her lose weight […]

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Post Workout Recovery Tips & Tricks

Post Workout Recovery - Athletic fitness man with neck and back pain. Sports exercising injury.

What is the best way to speed up the recovery of sore muscles? There is no exact solution, but thankfully, there are plenty of simple, inexpensive solutions. These will help to both manage and speed up the recovery process. Here are just a handful of tips and tricks to help you on your road to […]

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The “whole patient” approach

How you feel tells a lot about you. Treating patients solely through prescriptions and procedures is not the best way anymore.  We have the “whole patient” approach in patient care and getting to know your Doctor. Medical professionals are focusing on including everything about the patient to improve health and well being. According to the […]

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