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As People Live Longer, Cancer Rates Increase

People Live Longer, Cancer Rates Increase. This should be a no brainer. As our population and, medical science develope so does the food we eat and products we use. All of this leading to an increase in cancer rates that the medical field is trying to find a cure for. In this article, we are […]

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Wellness Being in good health, especially as it is an actively pursued goal, is what wellness means. Heritage creates Podcasts that highlight people who are here to Changing your lifestyle Someone who has been where you are right now, might help in the effort to get you into the lifestyle you want. Sometimes it take […]

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Prepare to Win: Winning Fitness, Part 2

  Prepare to Win: Winning Fitness: Check it out Skippy, and I’m not talkin’ peanut butter. When you’re not fit, you’re accepting defeat in your life.  You can never reach your winning potential without fitness.  All the research and testimonies of transformation tell us this is true and cannot be argued.  We have got to […]

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