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Color Vibe Comes to Victor Valley

Spring always brings colorful carpets of wildflowers to the brown desert floor, so it’s appropriate to celebrate by throwing brightly colored powder at your friends, then pounding through a color-soaked 5k course. That’s exactly what you can expect out of Color Vibe 5k, coming to the High Desert on March 28th. If your’re into running a […]

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Nutritionists Gave Kraft Singles A ‘Kids Eat Right’ Label, And No One Really Knows Why

Kids Eat Right American Kraft Cheese Design

From Medical Daily Kraft Singles: Those individually-wrapped, yellow American “cheese products” that, when slapped between two slices of Wonder Bread for a grilled cheese sandwich, can be pretty tasty. But they’re definitely not the stuff of healthy, organic eating, since good ol’ Kraft is notorious for pumping its products with a lot of sodium, dyes, […]

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