Think Pink 5K Obstacle Challenge / Heritage Games

For the third year in a row, Heritage Games brought together people and grew community under the flag of fitness and friendly competition. Retro-Fitters started off the day with an inspiring 1k obstacle race. These Super Seniors ran every obstacle, proving that age really is just a number.
Think Pink 5k included several competitions including Business 2 Business, HIT Fit Challenge, and the Battle of School Districts. The fairgrounds were buzzing in the morning, and the energy only increased as the day went on. Thanks to everyone who ran, cheered on, and supported this year’s Heritage Games! Below you will see the Think Pink 5K winners.

HIT Fit Challenge Winners

2015 Heritage Games gallery

Most Fit School District

Think Pink 5K _fit school district Heritage Games

Adelanto School District

Most Fit Gym

Think Pink 5K 2015 Most Fit Gym Winners

A.V. Fitness

Most Fit Business

Think Pink 5K 2015 Most Fit Business Winners

St. Mary’s Hospital