When & Where:

June 6 – July 29, 2016

Monday – Wednesday – Friday | 12pm

HVVMG Suite 25 (other venues to be announced).


Teens 12-18 years old

(min. 25 lbs overweight with higher fat content).


Attend 20 sessions, including 6 out of 8 Weigh-in Wednesdays to be eligible for end-of-summer prizes!

Recommended Diet

5 days per week: 1500-2000 calories daily- increase protein, good carbs and fats- plenty of water

Avoid processed foods.

Pre-workout: 1 hour beforehand drink 12 oz. of fluids; 100-150 quality calories.

Post workout: Re-hydrate within 1 hour electrolytes: (Smart Water, low-fat chocolate milk, diluted sports drink) and banana.


Physicals-Waivers: Each student must supply a 2016 physical and have a signed waiver.

Student Behavior: Students must cooperate with those rules provided by HVVMG. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program. Students are asked to dress modestly and appropriately while practicing personal hygiene.

Parents: Parents may or may not be allowed to sit in on workouts and are never allowed to coach unless asked. Parents may be asked to attend Wednesday meetings during students’ workouts.