New Year’s Resolution: Did you already give up on it?

New Years Resolutions: Did you already give up on it?

It’s not too late to reignite your New Years Resolution to focus on fitness!

Getting into shape is a key New Years Resolution for countless people. For some, that means cutting down on fatty foods and carb-filled calories; for others, it’s getting in the gym to burn off the previous year’s over-indulgences.
Now, with Jan. 1 far back in the rearview mirror, have you kept your resolution in the front seat?

Or did it get tossed in the back seat, nary a thought? If so, that’s OK! It’s only spring — there’s still plenty of time to get back on track.

Use these tips as a starting point to reignite your New Years Resolution to focus on fitness!

Write down specific goals

Statistics show people who write down their goals have a success rate of more than 80-percent in achieving them. Do you want to drop pounds? Tone and build muscle? Whatever your goals, put them on paper the old-fashioned way and give yourself the best odds for success.

Make a shopping list and get to the grocery store

A good “get into shape” plan is bolstered by solid nutrition. When you have nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and whole-grain carbs are proven components to get you to your goals effectively.This is most importantly, with your health as the top priority.

Talk to your doctor

There’s a high probability you’ve recently battled the flu or a cold. Or maybe you have a bigger hill to climb — whether it’s your current weight, age or other factor. If any of these are the case for you, talk to your doctor before jumping back into your New Years Resolution. Your doctor can guide you to the best source of action in the safest manner for your body and situation.

Find a fitness class

You’ve written down goals, you went shopping and your doctor has given you the all-clear. Now you have to get active! Consider joining a gym or, better yet, check out a local fitness class. Heritage LifeFit Fitness has a myriad of classes designed to get you moving and connect you with people who are or were just like you in wanting to get into shape.

Heritage LifeFit Fitness Coach Mandy Oliekan says anytime you set your mind on a significant lifestyle change such as getting fit, changing poor habits is the most critical step.

“First, find out what and why you’re choosing to make these poor choices — start there,” Coach Mandy says. “Pick one bad habit that keeps you from reaching your goal and focus on eliminating that behavior.”

And once you’ve mastered that, move on!

“Don’t look back, keep pushing forward,” she says. “One step at a time, one behavior change at a time!”

Make Heritage LifeFit your place of fitness. Register for one of our many fitness classes now.  

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