Meet Miguel Guillen: CrossX Coach

Miguel Guillen - CrossX Coach

Step into a CrossX session with Miguel, and you’ll understand pretty quickly why they call him ‘The Mangler’. The certified Crossfit trainer welds his own approach to training with classic Crossfit style. Meet Miguel Guillen: CrossX Coach

What was your first experience with fitness?

At a younger age I struggled with my weight. After maxing out at 225 (no muscle) I decided to make a change for myself. Through a desire to be healthy and no longer be overweight, I dedicated myself to a grueling 6 month regimen and lost 50 lbs. I understand the struggle within to give up, I understand the feelings of discouragement and the patience that is involved to continue. I am able to empathize with the people I train.

What excites you about coaching?

To know that I’m making a positive change and encouraging that change within people’s lifestyles through hard work and dedication. I’m merely a conduit in people reaching their goals, it’s their output that pushes them through to obtain levels of fitness that seemed unobtainable. My goal is to make sure each workout counts and have people leave knowing that they gave their all!

What are the biggest challenges you face as a fitness coach?

Each individual is different and must be treated as such. However, everyone has something in common in that they have made the decision to make a change. Bodies are meant to be molded, some might require more work than others, but nothing is impossible.

What are you most proud about in your personal achievements as a fitness coach?

One of my beginning clients came to me broken, not only physically but emotionally as well. Being that I have a minor in psychology I was able to work with this client to help build his self-esteem. A main component was establishing a workout routine. Every month I saw a positive change, little by little he started getting his step back. A year later and 115 lbs lost he was a totally different person. It truly is an amazing feeling knowing that I played a part in making such a positive change for this person.

How do you stay fresh and renew yourself, as a person?

Fitness is always evolving. I try to better myself not only as a coach but as person by taking the time each day to learn a different aspect of fitness whether it be nutrition or learning a new exercise that would better assist clients.

What would you like people to know about you? 

Die hard 49er fan, I come from a big family and have daughters of my own. I’m a nerd at heart; love all types of music, almost got into video production, have been working since the age of 12.

What would you be doing if you were not a fitness coach?

I’m actually a Network/System Administrator and have been for over 5 years. I have been working with computers and Networks for over 10 years. I love what I do as it challenges me every single day.

What do you learn from your clients?

I learn patience, I learn that each person is different and has to be pushed differently.

What can someone look forward to in your class?

I will push them to their limits, then push them further. I’m all about intensity and getting people to give their all. My motto ‘NO EXCUSES’