Local Hero Profile: Sam Pulice

Local Hero Sam Pulice

We are excited about the people who make a difference in the lives of others in the high desert.

This week we talked to Sam Pulice, avid cyclist, community activist, and owner of Mojave Copy in Victorville.

His local printing services have contributed to the success of dozens of local businesses.

What excites you about your work today?

Could we have started with an easier question? Funny thing is, I love printing. Love how it smells, how it feels and how it works. Print communicates to all types of people and situations. When given the chance, print can alter emotions and perceptions. Creativity and diversification keeps me and my staff working toward new ideas and it drives the way our company operates. I have always been in some sort of trouble for daydreaming, but, it is what makes creating a vision possible.

How does your work impact those around you and the community?

Being in business for yourself requires a fair amount of discipline of time. That time can carve into family and personal private time. My family is impacted tremendously by that and it is sometimes positive and sometimes a sacrifice. They impact me continuously by supporting my role in several organizations. I believe that a member of the community needs to be involved to make an impact, not just to be outspoken, but to take action and connect people together for good. I love my network of friends.  

When did you first think about pursuing your career and what experience first influenced you?

First things first, this position, was not chosen by me. It was placed before me according to God’s plan. After reading the book,” E-Myth” I realized that I am a technician at heart, someone who is good technically and with figuring out machinery. It was never part of my plans to own and operate a printing firm that works with the top performing companies of the region. It’s a long story!

It all started in High School

I ran the local High School newspapers from the print shop at Covina High School from my freshman year. Shortly after high school though, I was interested in construction and pursued that interest in several large cabinet companies in California. That was in a period of about 12 years where I was away from the Graphic Communication Industry. It was in 1995 that printing came back into my life and I went to work for Anderson Lithograph in The City of Commerce.

Anderson at that time was one of the country’s largest high impact printing firms in the U.S. It was in 2006 that the industry began to realize a radical paradigm shift and Anderson was bought and sold as its owner was ready to move away from the industry and the changes that were happening. That’s when God’s plan for me took its own radical change. Short story was that my wife and I began to pray for a way for me to NOT have to commute to Commerce, and, for me to be able to make a living closer to home. In approximately one year, we were able to make a deal with the former owners of Mojave Copy & Printing Inc. and we began a new journey in life.

What are you most proud about in your personal achievements?

Although we aren’t done, but being able to raise our kids here in the High Desert in a much better environment than many other places and second, being able to continue this business during one of the toughest economies of our time.

How do you stay fresh and renew yourself?

Attending church, reading, getting to the beach from time to time and of course… bicycling!!! From a business perspective, I have always been involved with peer groups. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills, to have accountability and the ability to share ideas to stay on top of my game.

What would you be doing if you were not printing?

I do not know!

What are your hobbies? Personal interests?

Bicycling with my wife Carol and our Victor Valley Velo friends. We love to travel a bit and do cycling fundraisers whenever we can. Supporting athletes, especially our kids. It’s our goal to have an active family. When I met my wife, it was on a ski hill in Wrightwood CA. She could snow ski so well that… well you get the picture, right!

What do you learn from others around you?

Everything! I have learned this quickly. Surround yourself with people smarter than yourself and success will follow. At networking events I also remember that everyone knows someone and never discount an opportunity to meet someone new.

What are your feelings about fitness, nutrition, and diet for personal benefit?

Because I feel that I could be even better shape. Cycling helps out tremendously but that alone doesn’t cut it. My goal is to be able to lift my grandchildren someday, to take them to the beach and go for a bike ride. The only way to accomplish this is to stay fit, mobile and flexible! It gets a little harder each year. We ride bicycles with friends that are veterans of life and they are my inspiration to keep peddling! Although eating is one of my favorite things to do, I have to be careful with personal nutrition. Diabetes and heart disease run in the family, so I do try and eat good healthy stuff in between the red vines and Jelly Belly’s.   

What would you like people to know about you?

Lastly, I am a little shy.


Check out what Sam and his team do at Mojavecopy.com