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We must work to educate the public on how social work operates from a systems theory model, which means we look at the whole person, not just their symptoms or complaints.

I decided back in 2002, when I was in my first profession as a health and fitness professional, that I wanted to go back to college and finish my education. My college professor guided me to pursue a master’s degree in social work due to the demand and diversity of the field, including the specialized training in mental health. I chose this field because of my own personal experiences. I’m often referred to as a “wounded healer” because I’ve suffered the loss of an only child and a spouse at a fairly young age, and it’s those experiences that inspired me to do what I do now. Providing hope and healing to others in whatever they may be dealing with, whether it’s a loss, physical limitations or some other factor is what I’m passionate about. When I’m not working, I love to travel with my husband and our German shepherd. We like to go boating and I also love to be outdoors in nature or take a ride up into the mountains on my husband’s Harley.

My patients can be confident that they will experience someone who will listen to them non-judgmentally, in a safe and professional context, while exploring how I can be of help to them

in the best way possible. Sometimes that means just being alongside them and listening to them because that’s what they need at that moment. My daily goal is always to make someone’s life better in some way possible. I strive to provide people what they need to help them live a healthier and empowered life, in addition to motivating and teaching people how to become their own advocate and owner of responsibility in their lives.

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