Leaders launch “Don’t Trash our Desert” campaign

Daily Press

VICTORVILLE — To help combat ongoing problems of litter, illegal dumping and other debris, Victor Valley College on Thursday changed its Bear Valley Road digital signage to spread a clean and clear message: “Don’t Trash Our Desert.”The day also included a kick-off rally to begin Phase 1 of a two-phase public awareness campaign for the problem. Phase 2 begins next month.

Some 50 people attended the short but serious ceremony as local government organizations and businesses showed support.

“We’ve got every city represented at the rally,” said Cari Thomas, one of 18 members on the planning committee. “And (we have) representation from our Congressman, state Assemblyman and county supervisor. This just goes to show how committed and supportive our government is to help keep the desert clean.”

Victor Valley Transit Authority has placed “Don’t Trash Our Desert” posters or car-cards inside the buses. They will be playing a message on its vehicle for passengers. The message will also be on the front of each bus. The planning committee is asking organizations to add the slogan to their website or Facebook page and newsletters.

Michael Stevens, of Stevens Consulting Services and a member of the Daily Press Editorial Board, is the founder of the “Don’t Trash Our Desert” campaign.

“This rally was planned to mobilize and galvanize community support so that collectively we’re all doing our part to help keep the desert clean,” Stevens said.

“In a relatively short amount of time we’ve been successful to encourage organizations to use whatever means they can to spread the message with their constituents, customers and clients,” said Robert Sewell, Victor Valley College Public Information Officer. Those means can also include social media. Some start younger and help to clean our desert.


By Jeff Cooper