HIT Fit Tribal Weight Loss Challenge

HIT Fit tribe ‘Swag Hill Gang’ has proposed a weight loss challenge to their rival HIT Fit tribes.

In the spirit of friendly competition, ‘Swag Hill’ wants to get in some good weight loss before the end of April. Starting March 18th, all tribes will be weighed in by the Chieftain on a weekly basis. At the end of April the top three ‘losers’ from each tribe will win points for the Golden Dumbbell Competition.

Please remember this is a friendly competition and teammates should encourage one another; in regards to weight loss, extreme behavior or dieting is to be discouraged.

• Tribes to encourage teammates to really see weight-loss results.
• Competition is for fun but not to place any participant in danger.
• Extreme behavior and diets to be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.
• Top 3 weight-losers for each tribe will have results measured for Golden Dumbbell points (highest % of weight loss).
• Weigh-ins once per week starting March 18.
• Initial weigh-in deadline Monday, March 23.
• Be prepared for possible changes to program if needed.
• Weigh-in results gathered by Chieftain or other designated person.