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Heritage People Jennifer Oliver

Jennifer Oliver three years ago, the unhappy mother of four was dealing with personal, marital and health problems. She was a self-described introvert who lacked confidence, motivation, and direction in life. With her mental and physical state in tatters, Oliver knew she needed to make a change, but it wasn’t going to be easy as she had a lot of people in her life weighing her down. “Just a lot of negativity,” Oliver said. “And I realized I had to do this for myself, nobody else could do it for me.”

Jennifer Oliver - Heritage PeopleSome people in Oliver’s situation may have sought out counseling or psychiatric help. Yet in assessing her issues, Oliver saw that fitness training could not only help her lose weight but also ignite a fire in her and provide the motivation to get her life back on track. She knew, however, that it was not going to be easy.“My exercise level when I first started … Oh my lord, it was absolutely horrible,” Oliver said about her first foray into fitness.

When she first started she could barely do a pushup and couldn’t run more than 20 steps without getting winded. To make matters worse, she also had to overcome her own self-doubt and the little voice that kept telling her she couldn’t do it. Three years later, that voice is long gone. Little by little, she got stronger and gained more stamina. And as the excess pounds began to drop, so too did the mental burdens that had weighed her down for years.

Once the “quiet girl” who sat in the corner doing nothing, Jennifer Oliver found herself becoming more outgoing, more outspoken and bubbling over with energy.“It’s mentally been very upbuilding for me, it has kept me sane,” Oliver said. “I have way more confidence than I ever had before and I’ve done things that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I like.”And her physical transformation has been nothing short of amazing. The woman who once struggled to tie her shoes can now run a 5K in 30 minutes and finish a Spartan Race – a grueling obstacle course set over steep, muddy terrain – in just over two hours. “For years, I’d always seen myself as the overweight girl in the mirror,” Oliver said. “Now I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t even recognize me.”

She credits Heritage Life Fit Fitness with helping her gain control of her life, pointing specifically to the team atmosphere and “outpouring of encouragement” from her fellow workout partners as reasons she was able to stick with it even when things got tough. “The results that I’ve gotten from my fitness journey so far have been absolutely amazing,” Oliver said. “I’ve overcome some pretty big obstacles, broke some bad habits without any outside support, and I’m still here. I’m still going and I don’t anticipate stopping. “I had a problem and I needed a solution. Heritage Life Fit Fitness had the answer and today I love the way I feel.”

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