Lifefit Prescriptive Fitness

Logo for the LifeFit program at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group in Victorville, CA

Prescriptive Fitness

Just as fitness is an adjunct therapy to clinical health and wellness Prescriptive Fitness is an alternative modality to medications to improve your overall health and well-being and mitigate problems of chronic illnesses. It is designed to increase activity levels, endurance and strength and it is tailored to your health needs and fitness level. As well and includes guidance and expertise from Heritage experts and doctors known as “Fit-sicians”. This program is another value added benefit for Heritage members.

All Heritage physicians can offer the prescriptive fitness program to their patients. Based on the patient’s needs the primary care physician would prescribe a fitness based referral to program director Dr. Moushabek. As the prescribing doctor and “Fit-sician” Dr. Moushabek would then conduct series of tests. He would review lab values to determine the patient’s baseline. Once evaluated for the program Dr. Moushabek then designs an exercise protocol. Periodically the patient will be given additional tests in order to chart their progress.