Meet Your Fitness Trainers


Fitness Director George Mangum, M.A.

George is the Fitness Director at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and spends his time helping teens, educators and seniors make fitness a lifestyle. He believes that fitness is the answer, and doesn’t care what the question is. He has remained one of our dedicated fitness trainers.

George’s passion for fitness was kindled after his battle with obesity as a teenager. In his senior year of high school, he discovered weightlifting and began practicing fitness as a lifestyle. HVVMG allows him to live this passion while drastically improving the lives of others through fitness.

George is also an educator, author, and sports performance trainer.

Jessica Romero: ZumbaStrong Coach

She is an avid dancer, choreographer, and fitness enthusiast.

Her first class was a Zumba class at 14, and says her instructor (Brenda Johnson) inspired her to share with others what had been revealed to her that day: “the empowerment that comes from working out, love and passion for fitness in a fun environment.”

By 16 years old, she was coaching her first fitness class.

A class with Jessica means:

  • A proper warm up
  • Strength training
  • Moves to encourage the full range of motion.
  • Killer tunes

She injects her knowledge of effective workouts into her invigorating dance routines.

Jessica works to provide a warm nurturing environment for people to grow and hit their personal fitness goals. “Its exciting to get to work and to be able to spend most of my time moving, walking, standing, bending, lifting, instead of sitting all day… to see the faces of my students light up when they hear their favorite song while exercising or when they conquer a new exercise or workout.” 

In her spare time you’ll find Jessica dancing, taking a dance class, teaching a dance class, or working out. She is currently training for a 10k at her local track.

Miguel Guillen - CrossX Coach

Miguel Guillen: CrossX Coach

Step into a CrossX session with Miguel, and you’ll understand pretty quickly why they call him ‘The Mangler’. The certified Crossfit trainer welds his own approach to training with classic Crossfit style. His creation will push them to their limits then push them further.

Miguel’s career as a fitness coach was fueled by his own struggle with weight. “I understand the struggle within oneself to give up. I understand discouragement and the patience that is involved to continue.”

As he is also an IT guy, Miguel is a nerd at heart. He loves all types of music and has been working since the age of 12. His motto: ‘NO EXCUSES’

Laura Conley - HLF Fitness Nutritionist

HLF Fitness Nutritionist – Laura Conley

After graduating from Cal Poly, Laura entered into the fitness and wellness industries with the aim of empowering people to improve their lives. Holding certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in personal training, Natural Running, Muy Thai kickboxing, Schwinn cycling, and NCEP Holistic Nutrition; Laura is extremely knowledgeable in sports, fitness, and nutrition. While Laura was training for the 2016 Olympics as an elite runner with a team of track athletes, she became increasingly interested in how nutrition affects performance and vitality. Understanding that each person is unique, she studied a full spectrum of dietary theories – from Vegan and Raw food diets to Paleo, FODMAPS and the Bulletproof diet. During her twelve years as a private fitness and wellness coach, she specialized in functional fitness, sports performance, and holistic nutrition.

Recently, she has focused more on mindset and psychology because she sees the immediate impact of addressing these issues. This focus led her to become a Certified Transformational Health Coach and NLP Practitioner from Holistic MBA. For long term results, she incorporates all of her skills and knowledge to educate and inspire each individual. Laura strongly believes that by incorporating the body, mind, and spirit we can all truly transform and thrive.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Transformation Coach; receiving her training from National College of Exercise Professionals, HCI and Biotics Research.

Steven Darrett – Fitness 101 Coach

As a Community Outreach Consultant and data analyst, coaching classes for Heritage LifeFit is an extension of Steven’s duties at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group.

Known as “Stevie D” to his clients, Steven is known for his honest and genuine personality as one of our Fitness Trainers. His competitive nature and lifetime of playing various sports mean he takes fitness seriously. “I work hard and play hard! When my mind is set, I go above and beyond any standard limit to achieve my goals.”

Steven never intended to become a fitness trainer, but Fitness Director George Mangum saw that Steven had something unique to bring to the HLF team. “[George’s] charisma, motivation and willingness to help change lives was very intriguing… his confidence in me is why I decided to be a trainer.”

Lessons Steven has learned from his coaching career so far:

“My proudest achievement is overcoming the fear of public speaking. I learn from my clients that motivation and determination is shown by a willingness to live a healthier lifestyle. No matter if it’s rain, storming, hot, blizzards, or tornadoes, HLF clients never miss a day of fitness. Their dedication makes this program successful… I want to develop exciting, fun workouts and hope to see drastic changes in fitness routines.”

Smart Fit Director

Mandy Oliekan- Smart Fit Director

Meet Mandy Oliekan, Smart Fit Director and Fitness 101 coach at HLF Fitness. She is one of our dedicated Fitness Trainers. She loves painting and all things outdoors, as well as being a competitive mountain biker. Mandy’s love for fitness training began 10-years ago when she first tried weight training. Her personal training mentor told her, “Fitness isn’t a part-time job. It’s a lifestyle choice and, you have to be passionate about what you do as a trainer.”

Mandy says, “I’m helping people feel better, and that’s the biggest reward you can receive when you spend time sharing and educating people about what you love to do.”

When you attend Fitness 101, she emphasizes proper form and doing things step-by-step.  Above all, she wants you to lift smartly and safely while taking simple steps to attain a fitness lifestyle.
“Lifting isn’t a temporary Band-Aid,” Mandy says, “It’s a lifetime commitment to yourself. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, I am willing to invest my knowledge to get you there.”

Mandy recently received a senior fitness certification from ExpertRating Solutions, a highly specialized geriatrics status that will afford her new resources to better serve the senior community. This certification reflects Oliekan’s vast knowledge and superior ability to help people over the age of 65 live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Monica Padilla -LifeFIT Certified Trainer

Meet Monica Padilla one of our Fitness Trainers. She has her own personal journey to discovering her love of fitness shapes and inspires her classes and healthy lifestyle philosophy. As someone who literally gave up everything to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time trainer, she puts her heart and soul into helping her students achieve their goals.

A true believer in the power of creating a healthier version of yourself through exercise and determination, Monica enjoys creating workout routines that not only challenge her students but also keep them engaged and wanting to come back for more.

“There will definitely never be a dull moment (with me),” Monica says. “I love what I do and all my students will leave feeling energized, refreshed and love their body’s transformation. I create my workout programs to not only achieve results but also to create an environment where working out becomes fun and enjoyable.”

An avid competitor in Spartan Races and Mud Runs, Monica’s passion for fitness shines through in her ability to motivate and inspire her students to change both their physical and mental makeup