Meet the Coaches

Retro Review: By JuLaurie

Meet the Coaches – October’s RetrOlympics took place at the annual Heritage Games at the High Desert Events Center on Oct.24. Our Retro-Fitters were amazing! They completed a 1K obstacle course, where they ran, climbed, and crawled through obstacles. We even think there was some rolling going on. This was the most inspiring RetrOlympics we have ever seen. Our Retro-Fitters took on the challenge like the “beasts” they were trained to be. Everyone challenged themselves, never gave up, and finished like champs. It’s what true fitness is all about, pushing your bodies to do things you didn’t think were possible. We heard so many Retro-Fitters say, “I can’t believe I just did that.” We couldn’t be more proud of them. As far as the competition, we had our first RetrOlympics tie between Team Julie Blue and Team Laurie Red. We’ll have to wait until November for the next one. A special thanks to Heritage and all of the supporters who attended and encouraged the Retro-Fitters. Oh, and we cannot forget the highlight of the day. At the end of the competition, and with the encouragement of the sneaky team captains, the Retro-Fitters covered George in red and blue Silly String. They didn’t feel it was right for George to always miss out on the fun, so they brought the fun to him. BAM!

Karla’s Komments: Karla Meston

This past Saturday, Oct.24, was another beautiful sight of red shirts in the High Desert! With over 30 participants, Operation Hostile Takeover kicked butt at the third annual Heritage Games. The morning started with our amazing Retro-Fitters completing a 1K, followed by our HIT Fitters completing a 5K. According to many, this course had more obstacles then we had faced before, but we nailed it once again. Even though we did not take first place as the “Most Fit Gym,” we made our presence known. Two of our participants, “Captain D” Doreen Gladney and Felicia Rose, won trophies for being in the top five! Way to go girls!!!
Everyone went out there giving it their best and I know you all made Heritage proud. Keep up the good work and, next year, we will take the trophy home!!! BAM!!!

Area 29: Mandy Oliekan

Hi all!  I’d like to focus on diet for the month of November and offer some advice to our members. Let’s get lean. My advice is to check your diet!! What are you fueling your workouts with? Good fuel or bad ? I’m seeing and hearing, non-stop, concerns about how much you guys work out and are putting in the effort. However, if you don’t have a good diet in place, you’re not going to see results people! Here are some key points.

  • Eat Clean – what does that look like you ask? That means it only comes from the planet- fruit, veggies, and lean quality meat.
  • Keep a journal of what you’re eating and how much.
  • Stay away from boxed food.
  • Drop the soda habit!!!! Diet soda is just as bad.

Just remember, if you fuel your body with junk, it’ll operate “junky.” If you fuel with good and healthy foods, it’ll operate like a finely tuned machine. So, check that diet.

Cross Xtras: Miguel Guillen

A core strength and conditioning program is vital in reaching your fitness goals. An often overlooked exercise that is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact is the Deadlift. The Deadlift is unique in its capacity for increasing head-to-toe strength.

Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to speed up metabolism, increase strength, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance, or maintain functional independence as a senior, the Deadlift is instrumental in obtaining these goals. In a nutshell, if you want to get stronger, improve your Deadlift!

Steve’s World: Steve Darrett

HVVMG has been thriving in health and fitness for many years. Personal certified trainers push you to your limits, provide great motivation, and give personal attention while you are working out. HLF-FD provides many programs, such as Fitness 101, HIT Fit, Cross X, and YogaStrong. You really won’t need any other sources to get a better body, build muscle and confidence, or burn fat. I personally have seen and experienced the amazing results of these programs. HLF-FD is always trying to incorporate better and more accurate ways of monitoring fitness and fitness levels. We now have a great monitoring system called “Heart Wizard,” which determines your fitness level, while comparing it to the fitness levels of athletes. It’s been great working with professionals at this elite level! What I love the most about this HLF Fitness Department is the “Bamily.” BAM!!!.

In It To THIN It Report: George Mangum

This month begins our fourth year of IITTI, but the first one at HVVMG. Until this point, the program has taken place off-site, but not this year. We had an amazing program at HVVMG in the summer of 2015, and watched kids have incredible results in just 8 weeks, so doing it onsite was an easy decision. The first day is Wednesday, Nov.4 at 3:30pm, and we couldn’t be more excited. Kids in Jr. High and Sr. High, ages 12-18, are eligible for this free program. Workouts are Monday through Thursday at 3:30pm (Ste.25). Team IITTI has “Declared War on Teen Obesity,” so go to and get registered.

FIT Facts- Producing HGH: The Fountain of Youth

FYI: As we age, our HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced less by the pituitary gland, thus leading to all of those things associated with aging, including death. These facts are to provide ways to increase HGH naturally in our bodies.

  1. High Intensity Training: HIT, or Burst training, activates fast-twitch muscle fibers, which release HGH naturally. The more you HIT, the more HGH you git!
  2. Weight-loss: The higher the body fat, the higher the insulin levels, the less HGH that is produced. Fat is not where it’s at.
  3. Sleep: The right amount of sleep for your body produces HGH at maximum levels. Interrupted sleep or lack of sleep is harmful. So, be productive by sleeping.
  4. Diet: Eating a high-protein, lower carb diet helps keep insulin levels low enough to allow HGH to perform its body strengthening function. Take High Pro Road and Low-Carb Ave. to find HGHville.
  5. Sugar: Some research says that eating sugar within 2 hours after training releases somatostatin in the brain, and that leads to fat storage and less HGH production. That’s not so sweet, now is it?
  6. L-arginine and L-lysene: These OTC (over-the-counter) amino acids, used together, before workouts and before going to sleep, have been known to increase the release of HGH. HGH OTC? B-A-M!
  7. Laughter: Researchers found that men who watched 60-minutes of comedy increased their HGH release. HGH= Highly Gratifying Humor. Don’t laugh, it’s true.
  8. Detox: By going through a safe detox protocol, you help “clean up” the liver, which allows more HGH to be released in the body. Talk to your docs before you detox.