Program Guidelines

IITTI 2015-2016 – Program Guidelines

In It To THIN It: Changing Lives One Pound at a Time

November 2015-March 2016     Jr. High-Sr. High Students (aged 12 and over)


General Information:

  • A maximum of 25 students are accepted. Thus, students may join at any time there is an opening.
  • Not all applicants are accepted. This is determined at the weigh-ins. Generally, kids who are 25 pounds or more overweight who look overweight are accepted.
  • Students are not allowed to work out without current physical and permission slip/liability releases (found online at
  • Due to limited space, there are only students allowed in the fitness room during workouts.

Weekly Workout Schedule: Monday thru Thursday (3:30-4:30pm) at “The H” (Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group 12408 Hesperia Rd., VV, 92395-Ste.25).

First Mandatory Weigh-in: Wednesday, Nov.4, 2015

  • Students who miss first weigh-in are not eligible for grand prize at the end of the program.
  • All paperwork (permission form/liability release and physical) must be turned in before first weigh-ins on Nov.4, 2015.

Training Rules: Each student must…

  1. Provide own transportation.
  2. Have appropriate workout gear and have eaten and be hydrated before each workout.
  3. Report and dizziness, injury, or nausea if it occurs.
  4. Turn in a monthly progress report which indicates their acceptable performance in school (this form will be supplied).

Yearly Calendar:

  • A yearly calendar of events is posted online at
  • Mandatory events are listed on the calendar. Failure to attend mandatory events will result in being ineligible for monthly and grand prizes.

Prize Program:

  • Monthly Prizes: Students who meet these standards, no matter the start date, are eligible for monthly drawings.
  1. Work out 12 times per month at “The H.”
  2. Show improvement in weight and/or BMI.
  3. Attend mandatory events.
  4. Turn in progress reports by the deadline.
  • Grand Prize: One boy and one girl are eligible to win $1000 and a $500 scholarship to VVC by meeting these criteria.
  1. Show the largest total weight-loss throughout the year.
  2. Meet the monthly prize standards for all months of the program.
  3. Begin the program by the absolute deadline of Nov.4, 2015.
  • End-of-year Trip: Reserved for those who attend 75% of the year and continue through the end of the calendar.

Questions: Contact HVVMG Director of Fitness George Mangum at or visit Be sure to like us on Facebook@ In It To THIN It.