CROSSX – Extreme Fitness

Miguel Guillen - CrossX Coach

“Cross X Training” is a program developed by Heritage LifeFit Fitness, a front-runner in fitness innovation. Certified Crossfit trainer Miguel welds his own approach to training with classic Crossfit style. CrossX will push you to your limit, then a bit further.” Cross X places an emphasis on safety while too many other programs do not.

A word from you trainer-

I’m a CF-L1 Trainer with over 2 years experience training medium to large groups, 5 years experience personal training.

Motto: Train hard but smart! Be efficient with movements and understand your body.

CrossX is designed to be a high intensity class, however you will never be asked to work outside your comfort zone, scaling is encouraged! CrossX allows participants to reach levels of fitness otherwise thought to have been unreachable. -Miguel Guillen

Class Session Log

8/18/2016 Benchmark 100 Abmat Sit ups for time (6 min. cap)

8/18 Benchmark: 100 Abmat Sit ups for time (6 min. cap)

Amorita: 3:06
Laurie: 4:09
Debi: 4:16
Christa: 4:33
Lisa: 5:07
Brian: 5:12
Nora: 3:32
Nila: 5:00
Dominic W: 3:50
Misi: 4:32
Chari: 4:00
Dominic G: 2:08
Andrea: 2:55
Maria: 3:05

Angie: 4:02
Tracy: 4:07
Gary: 5:20
Krystal: 92
Connor: 3:04
Amber: 3:45
Amanda: 4:07
Chloe: 81

Kirsten: 2:18
Yvonne: 2:40
Jaime: 3:02
Rubi: 5:08
Judy: 4:57
Marisa: 4:48
Gladys: 4:50
Alex: 5:38
Hector: 4:37
Carol: 2:45
Daisy: 2:49
Andrew: 2:47
Maria C: 3:07
Woody: 3:53
Mauricio: 4:07
Laura: 5:00