Fitness Events

FIT-A-Palooza is fitness fun for everyone, and it’s FREE to the public! It runs all of May, so come join us for any of our incredible classes all month.


What if you could transform your body in less than two months? At the Heritage LifeFit Fitness Breakthrough Boot Camp, you can finally get the look and feel you’ve always wanted in just eight short weeks. Stop procrastinating, it’s time to get in shape and take control of your body! Visit or call 800-655-9999 to sign-up and start your fitness transformation today.

Mandatory Orientation: June 3rd @ 6PM

Location: HVVMG (The Resort)

Get ready for an invigorating workout with friends and neighbors in a welcoming setting. Go at your own pace. We’re always going to pepper in some surprises to keep things interesting. And hey, maybe this month you win the raffle!

Next Event: Victor Valley College
Date & Time:
June 1st8 AM

or call 1-800-655-9999

Join the Heritage LifeFit family for an evening of fitness training in the parking lot at Heritage! This free event will introduce you to the HLF team, and you can choose to try out our most popular classes. Sessions of Fitness 101, HIT Fit, and Zumba will be held. Come join the fun and discover a healthier, more satisfied you.
Date: April 29th
Time: 6PM

or call 1-800-655-9999

Join HLF FITness Performance Coach Laura Conley for LifeFIT U “What’s holding you back?”. Laura Conley will dive into how to find and break through the secret barriers holding you back from success.

Time & Date: 8:30AM, May 25 (The Resort at Heritage).