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Heritage Lifefit (HLF) is an innovative way to get that look and feel you aspire to. Expect a new patient experience for your personal health care on your terms and a relationship with a doctor and team you can get excited about. HLF advocates proactive prevention and prescriptive fitness for personal health and wellness. Make  your own appointments, email your doctor, check your case status, train with our certified coaches. It’s personal concierge service with increased contact, quick response, and everyday coordinated care with Five Star rated care quality measures. Heritage Lifefit Members are also surrounded with abundant high-value everyday benefits that includes an eager-to-please locally based member services team. The High Desert leader and innovator in life-changing health programs Heritage Lifefit is proud to offer these services along with its sister group Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group

A photo of Dr. Moushabek - Heritage Occupational & Industrial Medicine Clinic.

“What patients can expect from me is my willingness to communicate with them and be humane.  I feel privileged to hold a responsibility in their journey to a better life.”

A photo of Dr. Rook at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group in Victorville, CA

“As the Integrative/Athlete Wellness physician here at Heritage I am excited by the more natural, non-invasive and non-surgical methods of healing and restoration available to our patients. I am also excited by the increasing body of information and research about how to maximize performance and longevity and how to optimize how the body heals.”

Heritage Lifefit Specialties:

   Prescriptive Fitness – What if your doctors prescription didn’t rely solely on medications?


Heritage LifeFit Fitness–  Training for all age groups and fitness levels, certified trainers and a thriving fitness community.


Integrative/Athlete Wellness – A special primary physician based program for athletes and health conscious individuals who want to maintain and improve an active athletic lifestyle.  If you not the type to sit still  Dr. Rook may be the primary care physician you’ve been looking for. As an avid mountain biker and soccer player he knows the problems facing athletes Dr.  Rook’s goal is nothing short of  redefining the patient-physician experience.   


Not a Heritage member? CALL TODAY 1-800-655-9999

Heritage members, Call Dr. Roger Moushabek’s office at 760-952-1222/ members@www.hvvmg.com

Address: 12408 Hesperia Road Suite 25, Victorville, CA 92395 (760) 261-6462