Roxann Scheidemantle Webb

Meet Roxann Scheidemantle Webb. She is a 62 year-old mother of 3 and a “Grandma Muscles” of 3. Roxann tells us, “My fabulous daughter-in-law, Laurie Webb, introduced me to HLF-Fitness a year ago. Little did I know that working out and getting my stamina level up would come into play the following year. I survived 2 cancer surgeries, one which lasted over 12 hours, and I bounced back in record time. I couldn’t wait to get back to the Retro-Fit program and the positive people and the exercise. And, we seniors can show you a thing or two about fitness. Because of the program, we are adding years to our lives. Since joining Retro-Fit, I have been known to scale block walls and move hundreds of pounds of dog food bags. I am grateful for family, BAMily, and my doctors, as I am now cancer free. BAM baby!” Indeed, Roxann, a HUGE BAM BABY!