Rey and Stella Gaza

Rey, who has had heart bypass surgery, and Stella, who was previously assessed as totally disabled, has been attending Fitness 101 for over 6 months. Stella is a former aerobics and weight training instructor, and Rey spent 20 years working in the aerospace industry. Both say that the Fitness 101 program is beneficial for “cardio rehab, back and leg injuries, and is good for older and younger people.” Rey and Stella like the “friendly” people and “helpful” instructors. Stella adds, “Fitness 101 helps keep me stronger and helps keep my cholesterol under control.” Rey finishes with, “This is the best place to get started, especially in my condition. I will be coming here as long as I can as I get stronger and stronger.” Rey and Stella, congratulations on overcoming your physical obstacles and you are welcome as long as you want to come. Bam!