Raquel Feliciano

Hit-Fitter NovemberRaquel is married and the mother of three boys. She has been active for most of her life, yet after having children, she grew tired and didn’t make time to work out. Her blood pressure and cholesterol became higher, and Raquel says, “I knew I had to make some changes, and one of them was to start working out again.” Raquel began at a local gym but found it too expensive. After being told by her friend and HIT Fitter, Ana Hernandez, Raquel began attending HIT Fit, and the rest is obvious. “I thought HIT Fit would be whimpy and boring, but I found that it is challenging and fun. My blood pressure and cholesterol are at proper levels, it has made my body feel strong, and it’s free! You can’t beat that. And, the final results are amazing. You might start throwing kisses at yourself in a mirror.” Thank you Raquel for being a part of the HLF-FD, and you’re pretty amazing too. BAM!