Pam Corey

January 2015, My Fitness Story

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 31. At my worst weight, I weighed
224 lbs., which is a lot for being 5‛4” tall. I was taking 2 oral meds and
insulin daily, while having blood sugar levels of 300 each morning. I was
a stroke waiting to happen. Then, I saw a flyer for HIT Fit and Yoga
Strong at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group. I have been going regularly
since May 2014. I am no longer on insulin, down to 1 oral med, and have
far lower blood sugar. I am stronger, have more energy, and am dealing
with other issues in my life more positively. I am one of the people who
have switched to Heritage for my health care. What I really don‛t want
to think about is how I might have been feeling had I not read that flyer.
Thank you Heritage and all of the people involved with HIT Fit and
YogaStrong. You have made it comfortable for me while on my road to