Marisa Trejo

Marisa has been attending HLF-Fitness for over a year, became a Cross X regular immediately, and has experienced an incredible transformation along the way, proving the effectiveness of Coach Miguel’s leadership and Marisa’s commitment. Marisa’s story is an inspiring one. “I come from a family that suffers from heart issues, obesity, and cancer. About a year ago, I decided to change my life and fight for it. I almost lost my family relationships due to all of the changes I had to make. Nobody wanted me to make these changes, but I felt no one else was going to save my life, so I had to do something. Becoming part of Heritage Life Fit and Cross X was one of the best decisions I ever made. From the beginning, the classes were crazy, there was a lot of encouragement, and the BAMily was off-the charts. I knew at that point I would never give this up. Thank you Miguel, and others, for always pushing us and guiding us to our next extreme.” Congratulations, Marisa, on your amazing achievements.