Maria Dinkel

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Maria is our Retro-Fitter of the Month, and she is an absolute favorite of all of those around her. Believe it or not, Maria was born in 1924, which makes her a glorious 90 years old. Can I get a BAM? She has 3 grown children, one of whom is Yolanda Carlos, a regular at HIT Fit. Maria has 7 grandchildren and 13 great grandkids. She enjoys gardening, traveling, and a little bit of the cerveza I hear. Maria says, “I love Retro-Fit. It has helped me to feel better; more than when I practiced tai chi. I love all of my friends at Retro-Fit and sleep better and have less pain. Retro-Fit has changed my life and health.” Maria’s physician, Dr. Thuyn, says, “We should all be so fortunate to reach your age and have perfect numbers.” And, what is the last thing Maria would like everyone to know? “I always look forward to Retro-Fit Tuesdays and Thursdays.” So do we, Maria.