Lula Sparks

February Retro-Fitter of the MonthLula Sparks

Lula has been with the Retro-Fit for a year now, and has had quite an impact
on those around her. Lula not only is one of the best weightlifters we have,
she has a concern for others. Lula has regularly attended and participated
in our In It To THIN It rallies to support teens. Lula was born in Mississippi
and moved to California at the age of 18. She settled in the High Desert in
1989. She has 5 children ages 39 to 59. Lula really enjoys the workouts and
says there a lot of great people at Retro-Fit. Her favorite thing is
weightlifting and feels that the program is “beneficial.” Lula would say this
to all about Retro-Fit and fitness in general. “Everybody should do it.
” Thanks Lula. BAM!