Laurie Webb

How long have you been with HLF Fitness? Almost 3 years.
Something most people don’t know about you: I competed in rodeos as a kid. I enjoy playing basketball, and I have a brown belt in karate.
Dream travel destination: Hawaii.
Dream car: A new truck.
Celebrity you would want to be: Sandra Bullock.
Favorite FIT food: Fruit Smoothies.
Least favorite FIT food: Eggplant.
Favorite cheat food: Chocolate brownies and DONUTS.
Favorite exercise: Dumbbell bench press (all lifting, no cardio).
Dreaded exercise: Burpees, running and squat bar.
Describe the BAMily: An amazing group of friends who are encouraging, supportive, fun, and always there to lend a helping hand.
Best memory at HLF Fitness: When Julie Kruger, I, and the Retro-Fitters ambushed George with Silly String.
If I was in charge of the class, I would: Change the Pandora station.
My one life-saying to share with everyone: Don’t just watch your life go by, live your life.