Kristina Madrigal

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“K Bam” is a tribal leader for the Bam Squaws (4:30pm), who just recently was rewarded by winning the last Golden Dumbbell for 2015. Kristina, married 12 years, is the proud mom of 3 girls, aged 10, 7, and 5. She is a school counselor at Hook Jr. High in Victorville, and is a former soccer player. The best things about HIT Fit says Kristina, is, “The workouts are better than anything you can do by yourself. It’s fun and rewarding. The BAMily helps develop friendships through fitness.” Kristina also says, “All fitness levels can get something out of it. Thank you, Heritage, for providing this free-of-charge. I switched my insurance over because of it. ” You’re so worth it K-Bam, and thank you for everything you do for the BAMily.