Julie Malveaux

Retro Fitter SeptMeet Julie Malveaux. Julie has been in the Retro-Fit program for almost a year, and has had a great time. Julie has been married for 51 years (“yes, to the same man,” she says), and is a retired pre-school teacher (for 30 years) who moved here in 2006 from Compton, CA. Julie’s comments about Retro-Fit reveal the benefits of the program. “This program has been  challenging for me. I am no longer afraid that more strenuous exercise will harm me. I feel great and am not sore the next day. I really enjoy the social interaction of this group. They are warm and friendly.” When asked about what she would tell others, Julie offered this. “As we get older, exercising helps by making us feel better and helps us to enjoy life more. You’re never too old or too out of shape. It helps to maintain independence to perform our daily activities.” We couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks, and, BAM, Julie.