Judy Brill

Judy “Real Deal” Brill is 52 years-old, married with 3 kids. She loves God, backpacking, skiing, and, dig this, geology. Judy tells us, “My PCP, Dr. Moushabek, recommended HLF-Fitness as a way to control my 19 year-long battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which not only attacks your joints but can damage your heart.” Judy proudly exclaims, “But I will not let it (R.A.) have power over me.” BAM! She goes on to say, “The BAMily is the most motivating and inspiring group of people and Cross X Coach Miguel’s leadership is epic. He is silent, but deadly. His workouts destroy me in a good way.” Judy has a final part to her story. “I saw a new R.A. doc this month and when he put his stethoscope on my heart, he stated matter-of-factly, “Well, I can tell you work out.” BAM! My overall health has dramatically improved due to HLF-Fitness, the BAMily, and Miguel.” BAM to you, Judy. HLF-Fitness is proud and fortunate to have you.