Joyce Stevenson

Retro Fitter NovemberJoyce is an original Retro-Fitter from the days in the small room with balloons and funky chair exercises, and is a strength of the Retro-Fit program. She is a widowed mother of three, and had a career as an Art teacher, as well as a substitute teacher. Joyce, through fitness and her doctors, had lung cancer two years ago, but is now in remission. BAM, BAM, BAM! She loves the Retro-Fit program, because it “encourages us to challenge ourselves.” She enjoys the workouts and the fun they have while doing them. Joyce goes on to say, “Fitness class strengthens the heart, core, and body muscles. You burn calories and learn the importance of being physically fit. Most of all, it makes you feel good!” Thank you, Joyce, for being an inspiration to us all.